Convert duragesic to hydrocodone

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MedCalc Narcotic Equivalence Converter
OPIATE CONVERSION CALCULATION TABLE: AVERAGE DOSES. ACTUAL DOSAGE . methadone = 70mg hydrocodone = 16mg dilaudid=25+12mcg Duragesic Half Lives of Opiates: Hydrocodone 3.3-4 .
Teaching Exercise 2: Converting from oral morphine to fentanyl transdermal patch. Mr. John Smith, a terminally ill lung cancer patient has pain that is well .
Hydrocodone. Most conversion tables do not list an equivalent dose for hydrocodone. I have found hydrocodone:oral morphine ratios that range from 6:1 to .75:1 Thus .
Fast Fact and Concept #2: Convert duragesic to hydrocodone Converting To-From Transdermal Fentanyl Convert duragesic to hydrocodone Return to Fast Facts Index. Title: Fast Fact and Concept #2: Converting To-From Transdermal Fentanyl .
Methadone Dose Conversion Guidelines Timothy Quill M.D. and Nicole . Cost of methadone: 1/10 MS Contin, 1:15 Oxycontin, 1/20 Duragesic
More information on "Hydrocodone Conversion To Fentanyl" . that the 25mcg/hr fentanyl transdermal system patches (also known as Duragesic .
Convert the oral morphine dose to Duragesic - there are two methods: METHOD 1. Look in the PDR, find the morphine conversion table, it says that 135-224 mg of morphine .
Common Questions and Answers about Duragesic patch conversion . If a patient has reached that Convert duragesic to hydrocodone level of hydrocodone use daily, the tylenol .
(Note: If morphine was chosen, the conversion factor used was for chronic dosing only. ) Ideally, we recommend our desktop program for much greater control over .
The conversion caculators do use the total daily dose to convert to Duragesic; it's tricky because OCs are designed to last for 8-12 hours, whereas the fentanyl patch is

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